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Deep Fire Technologies provides a suite of research, consulting, and technical support services - specifically focused on the areas of Unmanned Aerial Systems(UAS)/Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR), Information Operations (IO), and Security Investigations/Risk Assessment. Our team includes experts with backgrounds in Special Operations, the Intelligence Community, technology sector, and entrepreneurship disciplines.


As a company, our technical support expertise has been trusted by leading firms involved in domestic and international deployment of autonomous vehicle technologies, and our thinktank research has supported congressional audiences in key issues of national security. 

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The Deep Fire Team uses exclusive databases, industry knowledge, and real world testing to analyze your organizations strengths and weaknesses in the new world of drone technology and drone threat assessment. Our team of trained UAS/ISR/GEOINT experts can conduct research, conduct site security assessments, and deliver training that shares best practices and insights so your team can operate safely in the modern age.


Our team understands that information operations and warfare represent a key threat in the modern security environment. The DFT team includes military professionals with experience in this unique field, published thinktank researchers, and communications technology experts who can support your organization in developing strategies, tactics, and training to address the challenges of these complex operations.

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Our team maintains a deep bench of experts across the range of technical, physical, and personnel security disciplines. DFT is capable of performing assessments into supply chain risk, due diligence investigations , and full-scope background investigations by seasoned counter-intelligence professionals. Our team can provide your organization with a bolt-on capability in security and risk consultation. DFT offers  threat assessments to answer tomorrows crisis before it happens

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