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Our mutual-benefit model is simple - we believe in our experience, company culture, and product - that means we confidently offer a partnership contingent upon success.

We aren't your typical armchair consultants who give you talking points over a conference call and move on. Our process prioritizes delivery of actual products that you need. We believe that the products we deliver to our customers must be an true extension of our expertise. From comprehensive white papers and senior-leader briefing materials to bespoke data tools and process templates, we build solution products that offer you value well after completion of a project. 


Our six-phase, deliverables-focused process will ensure that you have maximum fidelity into our progress along the period of performance. We leverage a project management approach that enables easy alignment to your intended outcomes and consistent delivery on project objectives.  

The following projects are examples of services and deliverables which we are well-positioned to provide within our core competency areas.

Research and Testing

  • Open-Source Intelligence Studies and Assessment

  • Site-Based UAS Threat Assessments

  • Route-Based UAS Threat Assessments

  • Information Operations Studies

  • Technology Testing & Selection

  • UAS Engineering & Testing Services


  • Technology Integration and Process Development

  • UAS/C-UAS Policy Development

  • UAS Killchain Development

  • Business Process Reengineering in Security and Risk

  • Data Management in Security and Risk


Technical Support

  • ISR/Sensor Operator Pilot Services

  • GEOINT/IMINT Analytic Services

  • Personnel and Background Investigative Services 

  • Due Diligence Investigations

  • Personnel Vetting and Assessment and Selection

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